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Our Bouquet of Training Programs

  • High Impact Presentations

    Learn how to design and deliver powerful presentations.

  • Time/stress Management

    Manage time effectively with our Time Management workshop and dissipate stress from work and personal life.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Some may think that avoiding conflict is not the best way to deal with professional clash. Learn how to resolve conflict to promote business goals.

  • Change Management

    Do not watch your employees suffer through a transition. With our effective Change Management workshop tackle change in people, teams, structure, location and technology in any organization.

  • Cross Cultural Effectiveness

    Are your employees travelling to a place they haven’t visited before? Build their know-how about the culture and the people they may visit in our workshop of Cross Cultural Effectiveness.

  • Emerging Leaders Program

    A transition of an employee from a single contributor to a manager can be quite drastic. Managers often become wary of their own capability to lead in situations like these. With our comprehensive program for New Leaders, your managers will have enough skills and tools to deal with the daily challenges of a team.

  • Leadership Skills

    The success of a team is derived from the success of the manager’s leadership skills. Creating multiple effective leaders help organizations diversify with lesser risks of failure.

  • Decision making

    Each team member should be well equipped to solve problems and suggest or make calculative decisions. If each member is able to funnel the decision making process at his level, more well informed and calculative decisions will be made on top.

Custom E learning
Standardized E-learning
Mobile Learning
Simulation based learning
Game Based learning
  • Induction programs

    Are you still boring your new hires with power-point slides about your company? Change your content and medium of induction and observe a positive change in the employees’ outlook about the company.

  • Product Training

    Our product training courses are designed to educate your Sales or Customer Service team about the product and everything they need to know to convince a customer to buy your product or to continue buying it. E-learning programs give employees the freedom to relook at the course material anytime.

  • Process Training

    Process training is the most common form of training in every industry. Companies spend millions of dollars in training every year. Whether it’s a large or a small organization, you neither have to spend weeks on training new hires on operational processes nor spend so much money. Reduce the training time by 70% without decreasing the quality or efficacy of training.

  • Software Training

    Make technical tools training uniform throughout the organization to reduce errors in reports and data and retain clients, time and money. Digitize your software training content now and save millions on training new hires.

  • Compliance Training

    Our online Compliance programs are designed to ensure employees understand the guidelines set by companies. Our approach is a little different though. We make them understand the logic behind set guidelines. When an employee understands the ‘why’ of regulations, he is more likely to abide by them.

  • Safety and Hazmat Training

    A lot rides on the safety of your employees. Let us ensure your employees are properly trained on health and safety.

  • Customer Service

    Use our customer service simulations to help enhance learner experience for customer service.

Our content is structurally designed after aggressive analysis to identify skill/knowledge/behavior gap. We only design the content once we have understood what the learners need and how will they understand.

  • Get entire Classroom Delivery content kit with faculty and participant guide and other supporting material for in-house training
  • Get well designed presentations and attract more learners
  • Get effective training videos to enhance learner experience and retention
  • Get performance evaluation metrics to map participant progress
  • Evaluate performance before and after workshop to map improvement
  • Reduce HR operational cost by identifying non-value ads.
  • Manage efficiency of human resource.
  • Improve human resource performance.
  • Manage attrition/ hiring cost with effective employee engagement strategies.

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