Custom Content Solution

  Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn. ---- Benjamin Franklin  

At Torah all content is hand crafted and customized to promote experiential learning. Our team of pan- industry experts in instructional design build content to create a more immersive experience for the learners. This content is built keeping in mind the learner’s demographics, their cognitive abilities and their current knowledge level against the learning goal. This helps us build powerful content that the learner can relate to and can quickly adopt and practice.

After in-depth research on industry best practices, the content is finely curated and put together to impact business metrics. This experiential content ensures that the learning is at a deeper level and is retained longer.

Depending on how you plan to disseminate learning you can choose from our two mediums.

Instructor Led
Training Content

E-Learning Content

Instructor Led Training Content

Instructor Led Training Content (ILT) is ideal for a classroom/virtual training setup. As leading content experts we have created content for varying businesses and on a plethora of subjects.

From a descriptive instructor guide to a finely designed presentation and while keeping in mind visuals learning principles, our ILT kit contains everything a trainer/instructor needs to conduct an immersive learning experience.

E-Learning Content

E-Learning Content is ideal in organizations where either the learning needs to be disseminated quickly and to a large volume or when employees are vastly spread out and bringing them together in a room will cost more.

Boring online courses don’t stand a chance in front of immersive interactive e-learning courses. These courses are visually designed to keep learners engaged and hooked , and retained learning is then just a natural outcome.

Staying true to our claims of experiential learning, our courses give a simulated experience to the learners. You can track the learner’s performance and stay informed of their developmental journey at every step.

Be it customer experience training , on boarding training/ induction, compliance training or product training, our customized courses are a class apart. Call us and book a demo. Don’t have an LMS ? No problem. We provide plug & play courses that require zero additional investment.