Custom Learning Solution

Every organisation is unique and its business needs distinct from the others. Why should their learning solutions be the same then? Gone are the days of ‘One Size Fits All’. Here at TORAH, we understand the need to create well-tailored learning solutions that cater to your business goals. Thus, we study your workforce, understand your vision and develop a solution that can propel business performance.

That’s how ‘WE’ create learning solutions for you and any other way is a waste of your time and money!

Our customised learning solutions ensure that employees receive personalised approach that caters to their performance and development for future skills. Result? Increased stimulations, reduced learning time, and optimum results.

Pioneer’s Suite

Manager’s Suite

Organisation’s Suite

Pioneer’s Suite

Pioneer’s Suite has been carefully designed for individuals who wish to stand out from the rest. This bouquet of skills have been put together keeping in mind situations which lead to decision making in organization.

Pioneer’s Suites is ideal for:

  • High Stakeholder meetings
  • Winning Big Clients
  • Strategic Conversations
  • Strategic Thinking

Manager’s Suite

The manager’s suite caters to a leader’s developmental needs to become an effective leader.

The bouquet includes programs designed to enhance skills on:

  • People
  • Performance
  • Project
  • Strategies

According to world economic forum, it is these skills that will continue to stay in demand even in 2025.

Organisation’s Suite

On-boarding: huge investment are made in hiring talent but little time and effort is spent in creating a last impact on them. This is where we step in. We have reimagined on boarding to be fun and an immersive experience and above all an impression to last very long.

Our services includes:

  • On-boarding Consulting
  • Gamified Induction E-Learning
  • Immersive contact Induction programs